Fantasy Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s fantasy stories. Magic, sorcerers, witches, and more.

Color All Your Days

An Urban Fantasy Story The UFO extruded a long, mechanical arm and yanked a confused cow from the field below. On board the spaceship, a green-skinned man in an apron lit a charcoal grill, his antennas waving excitedly. Sighing, Greg turned his sketchpad around so his customer could see the drawing. “Something like this?” The man laughed. “That’s great, bro! …

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Fortune Telling Machine - Illustration for urban fantasy story Color All Your Days

The Winter Maw

A Dark Fantasy Story Abigail awoke feeling sick to her stomach. Even with two quilts and a heavy, flannel nightgown, the icy air slipping through the gaps in the farmhouse walls still made her shiver. It was the twentieth of December. Only one more day until the coming of the Winter Maw. She climbed out of bed and tiptoed across …

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A dark, icy cave like you might find in a dark fantasy story, illustration for the winter maw

Hero Wrangling at The Fist and Flagon

A Humorous Fantasy Story Kunnigr ran into Blight Town, muttering to himself. His robes and ankle-length beard were caked with mud from his long journey down from the mountains. Bacraut, the capuchin monkey sitting on his hunched back, examined their map. Bacraut held the map closer, squinted, and pulled out his reading glasses.The streets were buzzing with activity. Food carts, …

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Tavern in a desert town like you might see in a fantasy story