Easy April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas

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April Fools’ Day is fast approaching. Looking for the perfect practical joke to pull on your friends, family, or strangers on the bus? Check out these April Fools’ Day prank ideas!

  • Are you a prison guard? Nothing makes the inmates laugh more than a whoopee cushion on their electric chair!
  • Fake poop is always a great laugh. You can leave it on anything: the toilet seat, your boss’s desk, divorce papers, etc. Hilarious!
  • Fill a piñata with knives.
  • Empty their dresser! Imagine how surprised they will be when they get up and discover all their socks have been replaced with live badgers.
  • Take the bag out of your kids’ sugary cereal and replace it with high fiber grownup cereal, ibuprofen, and tax forms.
  • Switch out the coffee at work for decaf, wait for everyone to nod off at their desks, and then steal their wallets.
  • Act like you’re going to give your friend a high five but, at the last second, jerking your hand away. Also, you stab him with a screwdriver.
  • Tell your kids they can do anything they put their minds to. (This one might take a few years for the payoff, but it’ll be worth it.)
  • Celebrity guests! Use Photoshop to insert Michael Cera into the background of their family photos. (Does not work if your victim is actually related to Michael Cera.)
  • Dough-nots! Bring a doughnut box to work, but when your coworkers open it, it’s actually filled with their artwork from college. Remember when you used to dream of being an artist? Before you got trapped in this place? Before adulthood crushed your soul? So funny!
  • Hide in her closet! You can either jump out and scare her, or curl up on the floor and daydream about the good old days before she dumped you, moved to Ohio, and filed that restraining order.
  • Put hard candy in the shower head, so your victim comes out of their shower covered in sticky sugar. Then, release the bees.
  • Hide a catapult in Times Square, fill the catapult with breakfast food, then convince everyone you can make it rain pancakes.
  • Wait for your bro to fall asleep, stick his hand in a bowl of warm water, then push back his cuticles and give him a mani-pedi.
  • Legally change your name to “Current Resident”, and then sue everyone for opening your mail.
  • Mentos and Coke prank: Make a rum and Coke, then eat the Mentos so people can’t tell you’re drunk at work again.
  • Instead of doing the old fake pregnancy prank, tell your boyfriend you got drunk and adopted some kids.
  • Finally, a serious note. Remember that even if you say “April Fools!” afterwards, it still counts as arson.

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