Horror Movie Title First Drafts

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When you’re writing a screenplay, the right title is important. This is especially important with horror films. Here are some first draft horror movie titles that aren’t quite as scary as what you saw in theaters:

  • The Thingy
  • Phantom Of The Oprah
  • A Quiet, Cozy Place
  • The Bridal Shower Of Frankenstein
  • House Of Bikini Wax
  • The Passive-Aggressive Silence of the Lambs
  • Night of the Living Dude
  • Creature From Crab Rangoon
  • The Texas Chainsaw Macramé
  • Children Of The Corn Dogs
  • Rosemary’s Baby Daddy
  • Let The Right One In, Let The Right One Out, Let The Right One In, And Shake It All About…
  • The Invisible Mannequin
  • Invasion Of The Body Odor
  • The Blair Witch’s Project Manager
  • Hell Raisin
  • Paranormal Activia
  • An American Wears Wool In London
  • Stephen King’s The Shindig
  • You Had A Nightmare On Elm Street But Shh Shh It’s Okay Sweetie Mommy’s Here

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