Indiana Fun Facts

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There’s a lot to do in Indiana! Learn about the Hoosier State with these possibly true Indiana Fun Facts!

Indiana State Facts:

  • People from Indiana are known as “Hoosiers,” from an old Algonquian word meaning “ranch dressing drinker.”
  • Indiana’s state motto is “Crossroads to somewhere more interesting!”
  • Indiana’s state bird is Larry.
  • Indiana’s state flower is crabgrass.
  • Due to a clerical error, Indiana’s state song is “Is This Love” by Whitesnake.
  • Indiana has a bunch of quirky laws! Under Indiana state law, it is illegal to catch a fish using dynamite, firearms, a crossbow, or promises of marriage.

Indiana History:

  • Indiana became a state in 1816. Before that, it was a corn-themed amusement park.
  • Indiana has had three capitals: Vincennes, Corydon, and Indianapolis. The capital is moved every few years to confuse Ohioan spies.
  • Indiana was named after famed archeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones. Discovering Indiana was much less entertaining than his other adventures, so they haven’t made a movie about it just yet.
  • One of Indiana’s first state schools, Purdue University, was built in 1869. The school was named after its founder, John University.
  • The first train robbery in history happened in Jackson County, Indiana, in 1866. Hoosiers hope something else exciting will happen in the state soon!

Indiana Geography:

  • Indiana is the 38th largest state. It would be smaller, but no one else wants Gary.
  • The highest point in the state is Hoosier Hill in Wayne County. The lowest point was how I felt when Tammy left me.
  • Indiana has three time zones. Currently, it is 3:30 in Indianapolis, 2:30 in Evansville, and in other parts of Indiana, it’s 1956.
  • Indiana’s largest geographic feature is the Rust Belt, a four hundred-mile wall of junk cars used to keep out people from Ohio.
  • Indiana wildlife includes bobcats, muskrats, box turtles, bald eagles, and the screeching thing that lives in the woods out by the old Emerson place. It took little Luther last spring. We don’t go in them woods no more. Oh, and leopard frogs!

Indiana Tourism:

Planning a visit to Indiana? A lot of people think Indiana is boring and there’s nothing to do, but that’s not true at all. There’s Holiday World, meth, college sports, meth, the dunes, meth, and also meth. One of the most popular tourist events in Indiana is The Indiana Dunes annual Buffet Day. It’s only $4.95 for all the sand you can eat!  Auto racing is another popular tourist activity. If you’re one of the lucky attendees hit by a flying tire, you get to take it home!

In Indiana, entertainment is everywhere you look, even by the side of the road! Indiana’s most popular roadside attractions include:

  • The Tedium Museum
  • A dead muskrat
  • The world’s smallest ball of yarn
  • Dan Quayle
  • Where the old barn used to be

Hope to see you soon! (Unless you’re from Ohio.)

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