get rid of writer’s block for good!

There are over two thousand story ideas for science fiction, horror, or fantasy stories, just waiting to inspire you. You’re sure to find something appealing for your next project.

Inspiration Overdose is packed with tools and techniques to transform story ideas into something entirely new. Try them all and pick your favorites, or choose one at random and write for an hour, then switch to another. Switching things up keeps the writing process interesting and your creative sparks flying. Just remember to wear eye protection!

Combining the tools with the story ideas can create over five septillion combinations! That’s a five with twenty-four zeroes after it, or more story ideas than there are stars in the universe.

Most likely, there are more story ideas in this book than you will ever need. Maybe even too many. You might become such a prolific writer that your house ends up filled with your work, with mountains of books stacked everywhere, until someone slams a door and they topple over and you end up buried alive under a literary avalanche. So to be on the safe side, I wouldn’t write more than a billion stories. Maybe two billion, if you use a small font.

Available in print, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and psychic vision.

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