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Captain Whistler Goes Down

A Shipwreck Story Loreley had survived storms, fires, and even being shot by cannons, but a bomb was more than she could take. Captain Marshall Whistler pulled ropes until he found the one that unfurled her sails. He rushed to the helm, wrestling with the wheel. The cargo hold was taking on water rapidly, but for the moment, the ice …

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Shipwreck - Illustration for short adventure shipwreck story Captain Whistler Goes Down

The Beach

When Paul arrived, he found David in the middle of another staring contest with his computer. David’s brow furrowed in focused concentration, but the monitor’s cold, white eye simply refused to blink. “Updating your website?” Paul said finally. David jolted and turned in his chair. “Oh! It’s you… No, I haven’t updated my website in months. I certainly want to.” …

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Message in a bottle on a sandy beach, illustration for the beach

How to Stop the Excuses and Read Every Day

When I’m getting to know someone, I ask what they like to read. Unfortunately, this sometimes gets an embarrassed reaction, with people mumbling some excuse about why they haven’t picked up a book since high school. Generally, most people seem to wish they read more, but just can’t seem to make it happen. If you’re a writer, it’s especially important …

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Was Frankenstein The First Science Fiction Novel?

While science fiction stories deal more with the future than the past, the science fiction genre has a fascinating history. So, where did sci-fi begin? What was the first science fiction novel? The first science fiction novel was Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. This Gothic novel was written in 1817. The story’s themes would become popular topics for science fiction. Victor Frankenstein …

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