Thank You For Trying Mind Shield

Dear Customer, Welcome to your free trial of Mind Shield, the premiere infohazard protection service! Your new neuro software has already been activated. During your limited trial, you will be shielded from all manner of mental threats, infectious information, and thought invasions. NOTE: You have selected the highest level of protection, Fortress Level. Our Instant Perception Editing process may affect …

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Neon neurons, illustration for cyberpunk horror piece Thank You For Trying Mind Shield

Friendly gangster movies

Some people think gangster movies are too violent. If you’re a screenwriter, here are some dialogue suggestions for kindlier, friendlier gangster movies: “I’m gonna make you swim with the dolphins!” “I know you’re the rat. The boss sent me to take care of you… You need a back rub? Chamomile tea?” “You’ll never catch me, coppers! Tag, you’re it!” “Revenge …

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movie theater - illustration for gangster movies article

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