The Monk of the Moon

A man climbed a mountain in search of the legendary Monk of the Moon, said to be the wisest man to ever live.  The man explored the mountainside until he found the monk’s cave. “Oh, great Monk of the Moon, what is the meaning of life?” The monk turned around and lowered his pants. A voice came from his rear …

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Moon over mountains - Illustration for Monk of the Moon joke

An Evil Improv Game: A Brief Guide to Cold Reading

I used to get paid to read palms at parties and other events. I didn’t believe in it. I knew there was nothing special about lines on someone’s hand. I was just doing it for the money, and because I occasionally got to hold a pretty lady’s hand. In my defense, I always told people it was “for entertainment purposes …

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Indiana Fun Facts

There’s a lot to do in Indiana! Learn about the Hoosier State with these possibly true Indiana Fun Facts! Indiana State Facts: Indiana History: Indiana Geography: Indiana Tourism: Planning a visit to Indiana? A lot of people think Indiana is boring and there’s nothing to do, but that’s not true at all. There’s Holiday World, meth, college sports, meth, the …

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Spooky Goth Date Ideas

Welcome, dear readers, to the delightfully dark and romantically macabre world of goth dating. If you’ve ever dreamt of candlelit dinners in a haunted mansion or moonlit strolls through eerie cemeteries, you’re in for a treat. So grab your black lipstick, don your finest velvet cape, and prepare to embrace your inner creature of the night as we explore these …

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Centenarian Superman – Making Superman fun to read

I’ve never found Superman that interesting  of a character. He’s basically a god. It’s nearly impossible to give Supes a problem that feels big enough to actually be a challenge. Even Mister Mxyzptlk, who has the power to warp reality itself, is nothing more than an annoyance. That’s a problem. Other than a few magic rocks, nothing can hurt him. …

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