The Thing Liking Machine

Machinery, illustration for a funny poem about social media in the style of Dr. Seuss

A poem

Sneezle Island was really quite crowded.

The Sneezles were angry, their minds were quite clouded.

Although they were packed shoulder to shoulder,

They were ignored by attention withholders.

All of the Sneezles, from near to remotest,

Thought what good was work if nobody noticed?

The Sneezles were mad, and like some ignoramus,

They wanted to become internet famous.

One sneaky Sneezle was really greedy,

He knew that the others were oh so needy.

He thought of a way to get lots of green.

He built a giant Thing Liking Machine!

You put in your thoughts, and if they were good,

It gave you a heart made from gorple wood.

The Sneezles got hearts for pop culture debating,

And wasted their time instead of creating.

They spent their time on Liking Machining,

Instead of on things that gave life meaning.

They wanted more hearts, those useless trinkets.

But one poor Sneeze began to rethink it.

"I got lots of hearts for my awesome blog post,

And I used to make that my biggest boast,

But visits? Not many from the Thing Likers.

I've had more visits from highway hitchhikers!

What is the point of Thing Liking Machines

If no one sees my words on their screens?"

The sneaky Sneezle made green hand over fist,

While the others forgot the work they had missed.

The sneaky Sneezle went on a vacation,

Leaving the others with just fake validation.

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