Science Fiction Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s science fiction stories. Space opera, robots, clones, all that good stuff.

The Drift

A Science Fiction Story Eric stared out at the stars. He was in his time machine, floating in space. It was a metal capsule around six feet high with just enough space to fit his muscular frame inside. The top and bottom of the capsule were wrapped with temporal tunneling rings, their glow slowly fading. Inside the capsule, red lights …

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The Duel

A Steampunk Short Story A hot morning in August, 1885. The bustling town of Twin Hills, California. Russell Porter strolled to the street corner and unfolded the legs on his suitcase, transforming it into a display table. Russel was quite the display himself, a blond dandy in his early thirties dressed in a white silk shirt, crimson jacket and trousers, …

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Bullets - Illustration for steampunk story The Duel