Science Fiction Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s science fiction stories. Space opera, robots, clones, all that good stuff.

The Duel

A Steampunk Short Story A hot morning in August, 1885. The bustling town of Twin Hills, California. Russell Porter strolled to the street corner and unfolded the legs on his suitcase, transforming it into a display table. Russel was quite the display himself, a blond dandy in his early thirties dressed in a white silk shirt, crimson jacket and trousers, …

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Bullets - Illustration for steampunk story The Duel

A Kind of Magnet

A Science Fiction Story Whirrrrrrr-thunk! Whirrrrrrr-thunk! The clock flashed 4:00 AM. After two hours, the sound still hadn’t stopped. “What the hell is he building in there? Why now?” Dustin Cole shoved his head under his pillow, but he could still hear the grinding, crashing noise coming from the house next door. “Damn that man. I think my baseball bat …

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electromagnet - illustration for a kind of magnet science fiction story

Art and Artifice

A Science Fiction Story Victor Langret graduated from high school, signed a few yearbooks, wished his friends a good summer, and went home to kill himself. He spent an hour struggling with a length of rope before he realized he had no idea how to tie a hangman’s noose. After a quick trip to the library for a book on …

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Tumbling dice, illustration for science fiction story Art and Artifice