Science Fiction Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s science fiction stories. Space opera, robots, clones, all that good stuff.


A Science Fiction Story The clock in Jack’s brain woke him up at dawn. He pushed open the door of his charging closet and joined his team’s single-file line out into the muddy parking lot, where they were loaded onto trucks. Inside the filthy, rusty trailer, Jack took a place next to what might have been his twin. Both Jack …

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rusty robot

Electric Meat

A Science Fiction Story Amanda stared at the pamphlet for Imitor. With this new cloning service and Andrew’s money, they could buy endless replacement organs and live together forever. What a horror. By all accounts, she should have been happy. She had a private table at her favorite sushi restaurant, a lakefront vacation home, even a greenhouse full of rare …

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DNA strands - illustration for science fiction story Electric Meat

Arthur’s Rewind

A Science Fiction Story The moon rose over the Nevada desert. The light danced across an enormous swimming pool shaped like Texas. Beyond the pool were three tennis courts and a twelve-car garage. Past the garage was the four-story guesthouse. Past the guesthouse was a small aircraft hangar with a Cessna Skyhawk and a Piper Cherokee. To the right of …

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Pocket watch buried in sand - Illustration for time travel story Arthur's Rewind