comedy fantasy

Hero Wrangling at The Fist and Flagon

A Humorous Fantasy Story Kunnigr ran into Blight Town, muttering to himself. His robes and ankle-length beard were caked with mud from his long journey down from the mountains. Bacraut, the capuchin monkey sitting on his hunched back, examined their map. Bacraut held the map closer, squinted, and pulled out his reading glasses.The streets were buzzing with activity. Food carts, …

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Tavern in a desert town like you might see in a fantasy story

Never Talk to a Pollster

An Urban Fantasy Story The crowded corridor made it hard to breathe. “This was a bad idea,” Brian thought, his palms sweating. With Christmas lurking around the corner, holiday shoppers were packed into Bonnet Circle Mall tighter than meat in a sausage casing. A couple in matching red coats and puffball hats shoved past him, nearly knocking him to the …

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Crowded shopping mall, illustration for urban fantasy story "Never Talk to a Pollster"