Enough Rope

An Urban Fantasy Story “My god,” Hunter moaned. ”They’re going to come after me again. Now that they know for certain that she’s dead, they’ll think I did it. They always suspect the boyfriend. I’m going to end up in prison. I just know it.” He paced nervously, fumbling with the zipper on his jacket. His bedroom suddenly seemed very …

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Hand catching rain - Illustration for urban fantasy story Enough Rope

Forbidden Hogwarts Houses

These Hogwarts Houses were banned from the Harry Potter books and movies. Even the Sorting Hat isn’t allowed to talk about these. It’s probably best to just forget about these. What’s that memory erasing spell again? Oklahoma? Ohana? Spaghetti Arrabiata? If that doesn’t work, you can always use the Muggle memory eraser: a coconut to the head. Good luck. And remember, …

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Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter, illustration for forbidden hogwarts houses article

An Evil Improv Game: A Brief Guide to Cold Reading

I used to get paid to read palms at parties and other events. I didn’t believe in it. I knew there was nothing special about lines on someone’s hand. I was just doing it for the money, and because I occasionally got to hold a pretty lady’s hand. In my defense, I always told people it was “for entertainment purposes …

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