Enough Rope

An Urban Fantasy Story “My god,” Hunter moaned. ”They’re going to come after me again. Now that they know for certain that she’s dead, they’ll think I did it. They always suspect the boyfriend. I’m going to end up in prison. I just know it.” He paced nervously, fumbling with the zipper on his jacket. His bedroom suddenly seemed very …

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Hand catching rain - Illustration for urban fantasy story Enough Rope

The Not-So-Great Porter

“It’s a new world out there,” Mr. Heisenberg said. “There is no sense of wonder anymore. Magic is dead, killed by science long ago.” “Give me another chance,” the white-haired magician said. “If I can’t pack the house, I’ll never darken the door of your theater again.” “You’d better wow me, old man.” “So it’s come to this,” Porter thought, …

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Levitating woman - Illustration for magician story The Not So Great Porter

An Evil Improv Game: A Brief Guide to Cold Reading

I used to get paid to read palms at parties and other events. I didn’t believe in it. I knew there was nothing special about lines on someone’s hand. I was just doing it for the money, and because I occasionally got to hold a pretty lady’s hand. In my defense, I always told people it was “for entertainment purposes …

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