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A Kind of Magnet

A Science Fiction Story Whirrrrrrr-thunk! Whirrrrrrr-thunk! The clock flashed 4:00 AM. After two hours, the sound still hadn’t stopped. “What the hell is he building in there? Why now?” Dustin Cole shoved his head under his pillow, but he could still hear the grinding, crashing noise coming from the house next door. “Damn that man. I think my baseball bat …

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electromagnet - illustration for a kind of magnet science fiction story


A Science Fantasy Story Years later, he still thought about her every day. Not about the conversations they had, or the feel of her skin, or even the afternoon in the library, alone and reading poetry. One moment overwhelmed all the others. One instant, one image, as still and as permanent as a mountain. Winter, late at night. He was …

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Frozen soap bubble, illustration for fantasy/science fiction story Frozen