The Duel

A Steampunk Short Story A hot morning in August, 1885. The bustling town of Twin Hills, California. Russell Porter strolled to the street corner and unfolded the legs on his suitcase, transforming it into a display table. Russel was quite the display himself, a blond dandy in his early thirties dressed in a white silk shirt, crimson jacket and trousers, …

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Bullets - Illustration for steampunk story The Duel

Southern Fried Squid

A Steampunk Short Story “We are outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and outclassed!” Stephen Mallory slammed the table with a white-knuckled fist. “The North commands six ships to every one of ours. If we do not build more, with heavier guns, we will never break the blockade!” President Davis lowered his eyes and chuckled. “I would give you the money, sir, if you …

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mysterious tentacles, illustration for steampunk short story Southern Fried Squid