urban fantasy

Enough Rope

An Urban Fantasy Story “My god,” Hunter moaned. ”They’re going to come after me again. Now that they know for certain that she’s dead, they’ll think I did it. They always suspect the boyfriend. I’m going to end up in prison. I just know it.” He paced nervously, fumbling with the zipper on his jacket. His bedroom suddenly seemed very …

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Hand catching rain - Illustration for urban fantasy story Enough Rope

House of 1,000 Doors

An Urban Fantasy Story This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. The ring had become a chain around his neck. She was supposed to be this grand gift from the universe, this reward to make up for a lifetime of pain, and she almost was. But now, he was being dragged somewhere he’d never intended to go. Veronica was …

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Spooky haunted house - Illustration for urban fantasy story House of 1,000 Doors

Color All Your Days

An Urban Fantasy Story The UFO extruded a long, mechanical arm and yanked a confused cow from the field below. On board the spaceship, a green-skinned man in an apron lit a charcoal grill, his antennas waving excitedly. Sighing, Greg turned his sketchpad around so his customer could see the drawing. “Something like this?” The man laughed. “That’s great, bro! …

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Fortune Telling Machine - Illustration for urban fantasy story Color All Your Days