Writing Prompts

Story ideas you can use to write your next science fiction, horror, or fantasy short story.

Psychic Abilities Writing Prompts

Looking to write a story about a psychic? I predict you’ll love this collection of writing prompts! It’s perfect for stories about psychic visions, telekinesis, astral projection, and other psychic abilities. Psychic Visions Precognition – Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? Telepathy – Mind Reading is Fundamental Psychic Movement Telekinesis – I Can Move Objects with My Mind …

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Superhero Writing Prompts

Looking write the next great super hero story? Need super power ideas? This superhero writing prompts collection is here to rescue you! Super Travel Flight – No Magic Carpet? How About A Flight of Stairs? Superhuman Speed – Fast as Lightning Super Transformations Intangibility – Nothing To It! Invisibility – Out of Sight! Shape shifting – New Year, New Me …

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Biology Story Ideas

Looking to write a story about sex and sexuality? How about cloning, genetic engineering, or immortality? Explore this story idea collection and get mutating! Sex Gender – Want Some Butter For Those Gender Rolls? Polyamory – When You Find Your Special Someones Sexuality And Procreation – Copulating and Fornicating DNA Genetic Engineering – Chromosomes and Then Some Cloning – All …

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Dystopian Story Ideas to Make Your Characters Suffer

Sometimes pipe dreams go down the drain. Looking to write a story about a dystopian world? Explore these dystopian story ideas about evil empires, oppressive governments, corporate control, and more. Dystopias – Sometimes pipe dreams go down the drain Galactic Empire – Big Government Gets Even Bigger Tyrannical or Worldwide Government – Who Died and Made You Dictator? Oh Right, …

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Apocalyptic Story Ideas

Explore the ends of the earth with these apocalyptic story ideas! Zombies, alien invasion, biological warfare, and more. Agricultural or Environmental Disasters – Reaping What You Sew Population Disasters – Where Did Everybody Go? Disease – When More Than Your Laugh is Infectious Zombies – Zombie Candlelight Dinners Are Very Necromantic Other Post-apocalyptic societies – The End Is The Beginning

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