The Screaming Void

A Space Opera Adventure

can a space junk salvage crew save the galaxy?

Jay Jordan and his crew travel the Domain, bending the law like a pretzel and sneaking their loot past wormhole security. A space gangster hires them to retrieve a mysterious ship lost in The Screaming Void. According to spacer legends, the Screaming Void was so vast and so empty that it drove travelers mad. It was the deadliest place in space, more perilous than the orbiting mine fields of Garbox 7, more insidious than the sentient black hole Stellar Oblivion, and more toxic than NearlyAir, the oxygen substitute for spacers on a budget. Traveling to the Void would mean certain doom, or at least highly probable misfortune.

As usual, the crew is flat broke. Jay is already renting out several of his internal organs, but it just isn’t enough to satisfy the crew’s ravenous creditors and their homicidal collections agents. The crew’s desperate need for cash outweighs their instinct for self-preservation. Reluctantly, they take the job.

Can the crew keep the ship from falling into the wrong hands? Can they keep their heads together long enough to get paid? Will they ever have a decent meal, or are they doomed to eat instant noodles forever?

Great for fans of Firefly, Cowboy Beebop, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and fun space opera adventures!

Available in print, Kindle, and psychic vision.

Review from David Redl

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