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Horror Movie Title First Drafts

When you’re writing a screenplay, the right title is important. This is especially important with horror films. Here are some first draft horror movie titles that aren’t quite as scary as what you saw in theaters:

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Friendly gangster movies

Some people think gangster movies are too violent. If you’re a screenwriter, here are some dialogue suggestions for kindlier, friendlier gangster movies: “I’m gonna make you swim with the dolphins!” “I know you’re the rat. The boss sent me to take care of you… You need a back rub? Chamomile tea?” “You’ll never catch me, coppers! Tag, you’re it!” “Revenge …

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2024 Predictions

Some things that will definitely happen next year… Probably.

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Worse Bands

This is a fun game to play on road trips. Put a playlist on shuffle and after each song, everyone in the car tries to rename the band so it sounds like a crappy knockoff version.

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