Horror Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s horror stories. Vampires, werewolves, murder, and mayhem.

Darkness Under The Stars

Aleister Stephens flicked off his flashlight and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. The moon slowly shed its blanket of clouds and shivered in the cool, autumn night. Aleister blinked and rubbed his eyes, the cemetery coming into focus. He crept slowly across the grounds, following the path worn into the grass by countless mourners. He stopped …

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Black and white graveyard, illustration for short horror story


A Short Horror Story “Black twenty-two!” called the croupier. That made twelve numbers in a row I’d lost. I started to wonder if that was enough to make it look believable. Well, it was too late now. My tiny friend and I had already agreed on the thirteenth number. The little guy had a thing for the number thirteen. I …

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roulette wheel, illustration for short horror story Id


Eric stopped at the corner to rest, just for a moment. His lungs burned. The lab tech had given up chasing him after just a few blocks, but these things were relentless. He held himself up against the streetlight, shivering in its sickly glow. There was no point in staying in the darkness. They could smell him. Behind him, the …

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zombies in the woods, illustration for zombie short story Oxygen

So a woman walks into a bar…

A Short Horror Story Pretty crowded in here tonight. Mind if I sit next to you? There aren’t any other open stools. Thank you kindly. What’s that you’re drinking? Black Russian? Sounds good, think I’ll get me one of those. I see you’ve noticed my hand. – No, no apologies needed. I’m not self-conscious about it, not after all these …

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raw meat, illustration for the short cannibal story So A Woman Walks Into A Bar