comedy horror

Darkness Under The Stars

Aleister Stephens flicked off his flashlight and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. The moon slowly shed its blanket of clouds and shivered in the cool, autumn night. Aleister blinked and rubbed his eyes, the cemetery coming into focus. He crept slowly across the grounds, following the path worn into the grass by countless mourners. He stopped …

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Black and white graveyard, illustration for short horror story

Demonic Demotion

Michelle, Sara, and Ami were having another sleepover at Ami’s house. Around eleven, the adults all went to sleep. Ami dragged a wooden board from under her bed. “Have you guys ever played with one of these?” “A Ouija board?” Sara said. “Aren’t those dangerous?” “Yeah,” Ami said. “That’s what makes them fun.” Three thousand miles below them, deep in …

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Ouija board - Illustration for comedy horror story Demonic Demotion