A Short Horror Story “Black twenty-two!” called the croupier. That made twelve numbers in a row I’d lost. I started to wonder if that was enough to make it look believable. Well, it was too late now. My tiny friend and I had already agreed on the thirteenth number. The little guy had a thing for the number thirteen. I …

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roulette wheel, illustration for short horror story Id

Deathbed Tale

A Horror Story Thank you all for coming. I am glad to see you all here, even though you are undoubtedly more concerned for your inheritance than for me. I’ve been a cold-hearted bastard for a lot of years, even more than you know. I can’t imagine that you’ll ever forgive me for what I’ve done, so I only ask …

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Black and white graveyard, illustration for short horror story

Demonic Demotion

Michelle, Sara, and Ami were having another sleepover at Ami’s house. Around eleven, the adults all went to sleep. Ami dragged a wooden board from under her bed. “Have you guys ever played with one of these?” “A Ouija board?” Sara said. “Aren’t those dangerous?” “Yeah,” Ami said. “That’s what makes them fun.” Three thousand miles below them, deep in …

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Ouija board - Illustration for comedy horror story Demonic Demotion