They Ate The Waitress?

An Oddly Funny Mystery

Can You really trust the owner of a restaurant for cannibals?

The government has collapsed. Not suddenly with a war or apocalypse, but slowly under the weight of its own incompetence. Law enforcement is now provided by private insurance companies, security guards, and manhunters. Manhunters are a mix of private detective and bounty hunter, experts at solving crimes, tracking down fugitives, and hand-to-gun combat. (It’s easier than hand-to-hand combat, especially if you’re the one with the gun.)

Manhunter Nick Wergild is a specialist in “weird” cases. One evening, while under the influence of powerful hallucinogens, he is hired to investigate a murder at a local restaurant called “Hand to Mouth”. It seems the customers ate one of the staff. And she didn’t even volunteer for the job.

Armed only with his wits and an atomic-powered electroshock gun, Nick has to find a way to solve the case without a body or a crime scene. Along the way, he also has to survive hit men, bomb-throwing security guards, bad puns, and a homicidal politician. Will he live long enough to solve the case? Can you really trust the owner of a restaurant for cannibals? And why does furniture keep falling from the sky?

Highly recommended for fans of Dirk Gently or the comic book series Transmetropolitan. If you love funny mysteries, you don’t want to miss this!

Available for Kindle, print, and audio book. (Nobody would publish the cookbook version…)

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