Fantasy Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s fantasy stories. Magic, sorcerers, witches, and more.

Enough Rope

An Urban Fantasy Story “My god,” Hunter moaned. ”They’re going to come after me again. Now that they know for certain that she’s dead, they’ll think I did it. They always suspect the boyfriend. I’m going to end up in prison. I just know it.” He paced nervously, fumbling with the zipper on his jacket. His bedroom suddenly seemed very …

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Hand catching rain - Illustration for urban fantasy story Enough Rope

The Not-So-Great Porter

“It’s a new world out there,” Mr. Heisenberg said. “There is no sense of wonder anymore. Magic is dead, killed by science long ago.” “Give me another chance,” the white-haired magician said. “If I can’t pack the house, I’ll never darken the door of your theater again.” “You’d better wow me, old man.” “So it’s come to this,” Porter thought, …

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Levitating woman - Illustration for magician story The Not So Great Porter