Horror Stories

D.N. Schmidt’s horror stories. Vampires, werewolves, murder, and mayhem.


A Short Horror Story “Be careful! It bites! Watch out! Watch… out…” Emma covered Mrs. Rosewood in an afghan and waited for the sedatives to take effect. Mrs. Rosewood had early onset dementia and was prone to wandering the halls, especially at night. Due to recent cutbacks at Capelin Manor, the nursing home’s night shift was just Emma and a …

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Old books, illustration for short horror story Silverfish

Demonic Demotion

Michelle, Sara, and Ami were having another sleepover at Ami’s house. Around eleven, the adults all went to sleep. Ami dragged a wooden board from under her bed. “Have you guys ever played with one of these?” “A Ouija board?” Sara said. “Aren’t those dangerous?” “Yeah,” Ami said. “That’s what makes them fun.” Three thousand miles below them, deep in …

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Ouija board - Illustration for comedy horror story Demonic Demotion