A Kind of Magnet

A Science Fiction Story Whirrrrrrr-thunk! Whirrrrrrr-thunk! The clock flashed 4:00 AM. After two hours, the sound still hadn’t stopped. “What the hell is he building in there? Why now?” Dustin Cole shoved his head under his pillow, but he could still hear the grinding, crashing noise coming from the house next door. “Damn that man. I think my baseball bat …

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electromagnet - illustration for a kind of magnet science fiction story


Eric stopped at the corner to rest, just for a moment. His lungs burned. The lab tech had given up chasing him after just a few blocks, but these things were relentless. He held himself up against the streetlight, shivering in its sickly glow. There was no point in staying in the darkness. They could smell him. Behind him, the …

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zombies in the woods, illustration for zombie short story Oxygen

The Sound of Charlotte

A Short Horror Story At first, I would cut myself so deeply that my shirt would be soaked in my own blood. I used to cut myself all the time, until I learned to relax and let the blade guide my hand. A six inch blade, stainless steel, handle made of ivory. They’re dangerous as hell, but nothing shaves as …

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Straight razor - Illustration for horror story The Sound of Charlotte