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The Speculative Short Fiction Sites List

I’ve decided to share a list of some sites with free speculative fiction I’ve enjoyed. For those not in the know, “speculative fiction” is an umbrella term including genres like science fiction, fantasy, superhero fiction, horror, utopian and dystopian fiction, space opera, steampunk, and supernatural fiction. I’ll add more links to short fiction sites to this page as I run …

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The Ants

A Strange Short Story Detective Nick Wergild returned to his office after a particularly grueling day’s work. A new client had hired him to find out if her husband was having an affair, and if he was, to get proof for the divorce lawyers. So Nick had spent several hours hiding in his bushes and waiting for a girlfriend to …

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Ants Crawling - Illustration for short funny story The Ants

The Snake Charmer and the Human Unicorn – A Love Story

For one week in summer, red cloth and steel polls transformed a vacant lot into another world. Strange creatures danced like demons, beautiful women tamed wild beasts, and ordinary men demonstrated a host of supernatural powers. The sideshow had come to town. The sideshow! The bastard child of the circus and the absolute bottom rung of the theatrical ladder. In …

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On a Mission from God

One of the best ways to deal with writer’s block is “free writing”. Just putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and letting it flow, without editing, reservations, or judgment can be a great way to recharge your creative batteries. Sometimes, you will produce gibberish. Sometimes, you will produce the seeds of a great story idea. And sometimes, you …

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Art for Art’s Sake

When the doctor told Jack he was going to lose his sight, his first thought was “I should have become a podiatrist. Even blind, it’s easy to find someone’s feet. They’re usually at the end that’s not talking. But, no, I just had to be an artist…” Jack was a painter. For a little while longer, at least. He would …

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