The Girl with the Mechanical Ass (With Apologies to William Shakespeare)

robot in love, illustration for funny poem
Shall I compare thine ass to a shiny coin?
Thou art brighter and more callipygian.
Rough twerks do shake thy tender loin,
And I return to grind on you once again.
Sometime too hot the thine ass shines,
And other rumps seem dimm’d;
Other girls I have declined,
Their bushes doth be untrimm’d;
But thy mechanical ass shall not fade,
Nor others thine ass shall molest,
While I relax in thine booty’s shade.
And give thine taint a soft caress.
So long as the earth shall turn beneath,
So long as eyes can see,
To thine ass my love I do bequeath,
And I shalt grind on thee.

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