Eric Adair, Space Operative – Season Five

A rocket flying through space like in a a space opera adventure story

Episode 121: The Bribe

Captain Eric pounded a control panel. Nothing. The screen was still black. “The nav computer is out! How are we supposed to find Earth? We’ll be lost in the black until we run out of food and have to start eating interns…”

Amy shrugged. “Just use star charts and graph paper? Like you did in astro navigation class?”

He threw up his hands. “I don’t know how to do that! I would always just buy beer for some nerd so they would do it for me.” He gave her his most winning smile. “So..?”

She sighed. “Six pack of IPA, please.”

Episode 122: The Aristocrats

Captain Eric and Amy were at a diplomatic reception at Space Operative headquarters. The events were usually stuffy and dull, but this one was different. Aristocrats from Pluto were using anti-gravity belts to dance on the ceiling.

“These Plutocrats are upper class folks,” Eric said. “Real high society.”

Amy laughed. “No, the High Society meets later, in the parking lot.”

Episode 123: The Loner

Amy stared at the dots of light outside the ship and sighed. “My friends are spread across an archipelago of planets. I’m all alone.”

Captain Eric chuckled. “If you’re lonely, just get your communicator and talk to someone. Or you can climb in a shuttle and go visit.”

“What, like with people? Eww, gross.”

Episode 124: The Debate

Captain Eric and Amy were at the big political debates. It was exciting to think that the next Galactic President was on stage. The two candidates were SenatorBot, a lifelong politician and stainless steel android, and a newcomer known only as “Mr. Wizzy.”

“My opponent is a puppet of big business!” SenatorBot said. “Literally! He’s a just a sock with googly eyes! There’s a weapons contractor behind the podium doing his voice!”

Eric frowned. “I don’t like his anti-puppet ideology. Does he hate cartoons, too?”

Episode 125: The Enemy

Captain Eric scowled. “Well, if it isn’t my archenemy.”

Gertrude the lunch lady sighed. “Do we have to do this every day? I have to feed all six hundred people on this spaceship. Move along.”

He drew his ray gun. “Not without my extra cookie.”

She held up an antimatter bomb. “One per person!”

Amy yelped. “Can’t you two just have a food fight like normal people?”

Episode 126: The Trap

Captain Eric and Amy were on Trappist-1e, the tourism planet. “What do you want to see first?” she asked, flipping through a holographic brochure. “How about the anti-gravity amusement park?”

“We live on a spaceship,” Eric said.

“Oh, right. Hmm… How about the Hall of Clones? They use a DNA randomizer so you can see what you would look like taller or shorter or as a different gender or species.”

He shook his head. “One of me is enough.”

“How about the mysterious alien monolith that makes you evolve into a higher consciousness?”

Eric frowned. “Ugh. That doesn’t sound very relaxing. We’re on vacation! We should be less conscious, not more.”

“A bar it is, then.”

Episode 127: The Snacks

Captain Eric and Amy were in the starship’s galley, getting some snacks before movie night. He stared at the alien writing on a red bag of candy. “What is the Skrunky Scrugg Balls logo even supposed to be?”

Amy shrugged. “It’s like a Rorschach test. Depends on who you ask.”

“Is that why it looks like my Mom hiring a duck to kill me?”

“Hmm… I’ll download you a new therapist.”

Episode 128: The Pathos

Captain Eric came to visit Amy’s lab. She had been holed up for days working on an experiment. “How’s the robot emotions project going?” he asked. “Have you gotten the maintenance bot to write poetry yet?”

“Not quite,” she said, frowning. “As soon as I install the Pathos Chip in an android, they just rip it out of their head. Or they start screaming and throw themselves out the airlock.”

“You have to give emotions a mute button. Try inventing robot beer.”

She nodded. “Good idea. But I think I’ll have to invent a robot digestive system first.”

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